Crusaders enjoy vocation fair day

Mariela Serrano and Sergio Gonzalez

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February 2nd was a day when priests and sisters came together at Mater Dei during lunch to talk about their vocation.

The tables with the priests and sisters were at the Fatima Court. They told each student wanting to know how God is an important part of their life and how they dedicate each day worshiping him.

A dedicated loving priest, father Loro shared what he is most thankful for as a father, “Every day as a priest I am thankful to God for his gift  and being able to say mass, to celebrate the Eucharist and to celebrate confession.Being able to be  around students, and connect with them. One of the best things is that kids call me father, it is an amazing feeling to this day.”

To help prepare students for what they may experience if they are called to a vocation. He shares the story of a man named Michael who despite being a chemistry major in college, slowly began to realize he was finding himself very calm in mass. He doesn’t want to give up all that he had and the future family he wanted to have, so he decides not to be a priest, but asks a priest for guidance. The priest gave him four assurances:

Father making priesthood fun.

  1. He assures him that whatever is happening it is God’s tender, loving activity. So he is drawing him into a deeper relationship with him.
  2. He reminds him to not fear what God wants since he only wants what is best for him.
  3. To remain faithful to his prayers and to keep attending mass.
  4. Lastly, To keep telling God the Father “I miss you.”

Father Loro goes on to explain that Michael continued to go to mass daily and found more and more peace. Finally he told his parents and while resistant they eventually understood their son’s passion and gifts. Ultimately Michael became a priest.

The Father insists hat while this is the story of Michael, it is really the story of every man considering priesthood.

Since in his journey there were moments of clarity but also confusion, moments of harmony but also of conflict, moments when it is attractive but also terrifying. Anyone who is thinking of joining will face this hardship sooner or later, the only thing one can do is have faith in Gods will.

There were also booths of sisters. Sister Lupita says joining the sisterhoods is the most significant part of her life, “It is definitely not boring, because there is some

The sisters showing their role with God.

thing in Gods life that makes it more outstanding. Of course there are many difficulties in the religious life since it is like a sport. It is considered a gift to the church, which means giving the truth, helping people to become people of God, and teaching us that we are worth a lot.”

Later Sister Ana also says “If you are not sure it is your true calling, God knows and eventually you will realize from your heart.”

The Vocation Fair was a success where students could meet maybe their future career. It helped many students see the different ways that many people may be called to God.


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