Chargers to Carson

Clifford Kidd, Staff Writer

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The San Diego Chargers have recently re located to Carson, La, leaving San Diego charger fans devastated and lost.

Lifelong Charger fan Mrs. Correia is heartbroken about the move saying, “I am very sad because I’ve been a born and raised charger fan since day one, it is heart breaking to see them go after buying season tickets and being a big fan, I kind of bleed blue and gold”

People of San Diego are lost without a football team to root for. Football coach, Mr. Balelo adds, “I am going to miss watching games with my kid.” The Chargers left San Diego without a professional football team to represent them.

Senior Kyle Caldwell says, “I care that they are leaving just because I like to watch football in general. Especially in the city I live in.”

Many students are upset about the decision of the owner of the chargers, Dean Spanos made. Jose Hernandez says, “I am a charger fan but I am not a Spanos fan so it is going to be tough to support the team without supporting the owner, I think it was a dumb move and it is going to come back to haunt Dean Spanos.”

Sophomore Christian Paquian chips in, “Its whack, because the owner is greedy and just wants money.” The move the owner made has lost him many fans and also the chargers reputation.

Although San Diego has lost a football franchise, it has other teams to root for, Jovan Bayless adds, “Go San Diego State Aztecs and Padres.”


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