Moonlight Sonata bathes homecoming in moonlight

Upcoming Homecoming Dance Under The Stars

Sarah Fieck, Staff Writer

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The flyer for the 2017 homecoming displays a piano bathes in moonlight.

It’s that time of year again where Mater Dei gets ready for Homecoming Dance, one of the largest events of the fall semester. This year’s theme is Moonlight Sonata, which will be held September 23, 2017, from 8:00 PM-12:00 PM.

There are quite a few changes to this year’s event. The most notable being the venue. In years past, the dances have been held in the gym. However, this year, homecoming will be held at Fatima Court. According to Joseph Sandoval, ASB Dance Commissioner, the change in venue had a lot to do with the senior’s input, as well as wanting a different setting from usual homecomings.

Students seem to find pros and cons in the change with some unaware of any change. “I didn’t even know” senior Thomas Schmitt admits when asked what he thought of the new venue.

Christina Hernandez, junior and ASB class secretary, is cautiously optimistic but mentioned that she has some concerns, “Since this is the first time we’re doing it outside we don’t know what could go wrong. If something happens it could affect participation in future years.

Sophomore Jillian Souza did think last year’s dance floor in the gym was a little small and noted the gym gets very hot. “The climate outside should be better.”

Freshmen Thomas Paredes echoed her thoughts agreeing that he doesn’t much care where the dance takes place it should be fun. “As long as there’s a photo booth” Souza adds.

Indoor or outdoors Sandoval reminds Crusaders that it’s important to go to homecoming, because it boosts school spirit, and it’s a great way to hang out with friends. Attending homecoming and school events in general is also a great way to make memories.

For more essential details watch the ASB video and read the guidelines here

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