Fall play preparations begin

Mariana Lamas

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The year has started, and so has the fall play. The Drama Club will be showing The Man Who Came to Dinner, by Kaufman and Harts. The show will take place at the Mater Dei theatre December first and second.

This fall’s play The Man Who Came to Dinner takes place during the 1930’s. It is about Sheridan Whiteside, a very noted radio personality, who is invited to the home of Ernest W. and Daisy Stanley. Due to the ice, he claims to have tripped and dislocated his hip. He demands to be a house guest and takes over the living room and library.

“It has characters that you won’t believe, it has a Christmas theme, it has something for everyone, it has music,” Says Rebecca Brown, the theater director. “So come out and see your fall play”

Possibly more important than the play are the people involved. This year the drama club is more popular than ever. With only seven female roles needed, 24 girls showed up to audition. All the boys who attended received a role due to the necessity for the male roles. There are many actors, but also backstage crew, lights, audio, stage manager. The theater is filled with crew helping.

“As crew, we look for the props the actors have to use for the play, we make up the sets and we try to make sure that everything is organized. We also make sure that there are no technical difficulties, and if there are, how we can solve them.” Informs stage manager, Gabriela Fonseca.

As stage manager, she keeps everyone, “where they are supposed to be. I am the one in charge that the actors are there when they are in queue. Also, I am the one to put order to whatever the crew is looking for.” As stage manager, she is always keeping things flowing.Fonesca enjoys her new role on the team.

There are also the performers. Everyone knows actors need to know their lines, but they may not understand they all depend on one another. “I have to understand that people depend on me. It isn’t about if you are the protagonist or antagonist, or how big your role is, if you don’t show up, the whole performance is ruined.” Freshman Marifer Gonzalez explains. She will be playing Mrs. McCutcheon, one of the neighbors on the play.

Everyone is invited to come and see the play with the largest team the club has ever had. The play will be performed December first and second at the school theatre at 7 pm for $5 students and seniors and $10 adults.

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