Freshman students make Mater Dei home

Bianca Villalvazo, Staff Writer

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Middle school students look forward to the day that they can finally say they are in high school. When that moment finally arrived for the class of 2021 their emotions ran all over the place.

They felt everything from excitement to fear but they have taken that emotion and turned it into success as they strive.

Freshman student James Barrett mentions, “I was most excited about friends that would last a lifetime.” From family to the big screen, high school is portrayed as the place where students look to build relationships that will last forever.

Getting comfortable has its own set of issues. To make the transition from middle school to high school easier for students, teachers and faculty of the school strive to make them feel at home.

English teacher, Sherry Kelleher says that the key to making freshmen transition as smooth as possible is to push them out of their comfort zones, “I make them act like sheep in front of the school, after that they can pretty much do anything.”

Agreeing with his teacher, Ethan Petzolt explained, “It was weird because of the costumes and I wasn’t shy about it once I had to do it.”

Although some students were more hesitant at first about starting their high school career, their worries linger on. Freshmen such as Federico Alatorre say that their freshmen year has made them realize how much further they have to go.

He shares, “At first I was scared about what high school would be like but now I am excited for what is to come.”

Just like everyone they begin to worry about future colleges and careers. As freshmen, they begin to realize the importance of maintaining a great academic and extra-curricular life. 

Finishing their first semester, freshmen are no longer newbies on campus. Now they know their way around, and they’ll keep learning for the next three years.

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