Juniors head to their annual retreat

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Prayer, mass, relaxation, a good time and many more things are in store for anyone going on a retreat.

This year juniors have the opportunity of choosing in between going to Father’s Joe Village in downtown and other senior centers around San Diego/Chula Vista on December 4th or they have the option of staying overnight at Whispering Winds on January 26, 2018.

“I think that it’s good that there are two options for the retreat because it gives people that can’t go overnight to still have a retreat and opportunity to engage in some sort of religious retreat and help the community while doing it” said Itzell Gonzalez, junior.

Christopher Schnitzius, theology teacher and in charge of campus ministry team explains “The reason we’re having two retreats is because we wanted to give the juniors something, and two different styles of retreats because were trying to integrate service learning into our retreats. We wanted to put more opportunities for students to due their service hours in different venues rather then just out on their own.”

This was the first year of adding a service option and 16 juniors took advantage and worked hard at Father Joe’s Villages downtown.

Angela Pipkins, junior shows how she is feeling towards the retreat by saying “I’m so excited for the junior retreat because I want to know more about my fellow classmate and create bonds with people through the help of God.” Gonzalez also shows the same feelings as Pipkins but has another motive of going on the retreat. “I am excited to go to Whispering Winds and being away from home and all distractions, just to spend a day of getting closer to Christ and growing in my faith” Gonzalez expresses.

Along with just juniors going on the retreat, leaders of our retreats, campus ministers also share the excitement for the junior retreat. Elena Valdes, senior and campus minister says, “The retreat is an exciting part of being a campus minister, but getting to know each class individually is something that I always look forward too.”

Campus ministers being a big help on these retreats Valdes declared that “I want to help juniors grow in their spiritual journey.”  “I am looking forward to giving my faith talk that will hopefully touch the junior’s hearts” Dimitri Gianousopoulos, senior and campus ministers exclaimed.

 “All the junior should go on a retreat because faith is very important in everyone’s life and we are all called to grow in our faith every day and these retreats can and will help students do that” explained Schnitzius.

For juniors uncertain of whether or not to attend Ximena Posada, senior adds her two cents, “It was a fun experience and it was a good way to bond with your class, and to grow closer to God.” “Juniors should go to the retreat because its a good experience to grow in the faith.”

Tomorrow is the last day to register for the junior retreat.


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