Crusader Athletes Pursue College Sports

Carlos Cerna, Staff Writer

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The school year is coming to an end and the class of 2018 is taking their next steps into the future. This year’s graduating class is heading to several different states, cities and even countries. Crusaders have committed to different universities for sports. Crusader Alana Burges has committed to San Jose State University for Softball all 4 years.

With this year wrapping up, she looks forward to the future. “I cannot wait to play Softball in SJSU it will be a really fun experience playing my favorite sport in Uni with new and better people.” Crusaders will be sure to cheer on the Spartans next year when Burges takes the field.

Another outstanding Crusader who has committed to a sport is Nicholas Del’ Aqua committing to Naval Academy. He shares his obvious excitement for what’s to come by exclaiming, “I really love playing football and have been playing for most of my life and am super excited to train with the Navy and be prepared for the future.”

Our final Crusader who committed to a University is Thomas Schmitt. Thomas has committed to the University of Menlo for wrestling. Schmitt looks back, “I really enjoyed wrestling here in Mater Dei, and I am really excited for these next years to learn more about wrestling.” Schmitt has improved extremely throughout his years here in Mater Dei and hopes to continue growing as a wrestler.

Congrats to these Crusaders and everyone else in the class of 2018.

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