The Maze Runner concludes

Mariana Lamas, Staff Writer

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Finally, the third and final movie of the Maze Runner series aired on January 26. The Death Cure is the third book in The Maze Runner series that consists of five books, but there will only be 3 movies made. The story was originally written by James Dashner, the author of the books, then directed by Wes Ball. This movie is fast paced but very compelling and exciting.

The last movie of the franchise is about a group of teenagers who wants to rescue their friend, Minho, from a group called WICKED after a disease, the Flare, goes around and almost ends the entire human race. The organization WICKED wants to use the group of friends to find a cure but they resist.

The movie is categorized as action and it is truly all action. As soon as it starts it hooks the viewers’ attention immediately. The Death Cure is an amazing movie with a very intriguing plot. The sudden explosions and fights keep viewers alert at all times.

However, the movie it is very fast paced. That can be good and bad. A movie that is 80% planning and 20% action can get boring. But when the entire story takes only one day, that is just too fast. It does not give the audience time to analyze the conflict of the story. And that is the case in The Death Cure. Half of the movie happens in one night. The other half happens in the previews two days. In total, the entire story happens in three days.

The movie stars Dylan O’Brien as Thomas, Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Newt, Kaya Scodelario as Teresa, Ki Hong Lee as Minho and Rosa Salazar as Brenda. The director of the movie, Wes Ball is new to the cinematography business, with this trilogy his first three movies.

After watching the movie twice and reading the books, I would rate the movie four out of five stars. It was a movie I enjoyed and loved but someone who would have only watched the movie and not read the books would have been confused in why everything is happening as it is or what is going on. The movie does not answer all the questions that were left with the second movie. But aside from that, the movie is a must watch. The actors did a great job bringing their characters to life, the acting was great, the costumes and the set were perfect for the story.

Actor Thomas Brodie-Sangster played a character that has a limp, to remind himself of this, Thomas put a small rock in his shoe whenever they filmed. Before starting to shoot The Maze Runner, the cast spent one-night camping in the set they used for “The Glade” so they could get a feel of how their characters lived. The field they used to film the first movie was a big challenge for the crew and cast. It was infected with snakes, but they thought it was such a great place to film, they hired professional snake wranglers.

However, I would encourage people who liked the movies to check out the books. There are five books that dig so much dipper in the story. They talk about everything that is going on in the movies and why, also they say what happens after the last movie and what happened before the first one. The Fever Code, The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, The Death Cure, and The Kill Order are all very good and highly recommended.

Regardless of how quickly the movie rises in action, it is still a great movie that is worth watching multiple times. I loved it and would definitely watch it again. It keeps the audience alert and interested the entire time, ready for action. This was the perfect way to end the trilogy

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