The Greatest Showman Review

Francesca Sammartano, Staff Writer

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The Greatest Showman is an original musical about the start of show business through the eyes and imagination of P.T. Barnum. This film is based on a true story starring iconic duo, Zac Efron and Zendaya, and former Broadway performer Hugh Jackman. Also starring Swedish actress Rebecca Ferguson as the astonishing opera singer Jenny Lind. With nothing but excitement, catchy music and dance, and a sprinkle of romance, this movie can easily be seen on a Friday night with the family or at a sleepover with the girls.

Starting off as P.T. Barnum (Hugh Jackman) working with his father as a little boy, he soon is left as an orphan with nothing but bright and ambitious dreams of the future. Growing up hungry for success, he buys a wax museum but later turns it into a unique and never to be seen before freak show. After becoming comfortable with fame, he, surprisingly enough, craves for more, and while putting all his attention and strength into new star-bright talent Jenny Lind, he loses sight of the most important thing in life; family.

In all truth, I went to the movie simply to see the part in the film when Zendaya swings on the trapeze and makes suspenseful eye contact with Zac Efron. I appreciated every other part of the movie and was living for the music and dance portions, but I believe that I can speak for most of the teenage girl community when I say that ac Efron and Zendaya are the new Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder. I was sitting in the movie theater rooting for them the entire time, through all the suspense and rejection, they were meant to be. All it took was a tragic accident for the love to be fully revealed and fall into the arms of each other.

As Hugh Jackman as the main character, this movie took turns through tragedy, love, denial, and lies. I expected nothing less from a poor orphan boy to grow up and ruthlessly strive for the praise of all people. P.T. Barnum used the “freaks” to gain local attention and quickly moved onto the new star Jenny Lind to receive universal fame. Although he quickly sought out reconciliation after disowning the circus, I still believe the only phrase that could ever describe him would be a selfish and confused bipolar douche.

Overall, I think that the Greatest Showman was a pretty okay movie. With music that makes you dance in your seat and heartful romantic moments, I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone that appreciates musicals. I can almost guarantee that by the time you leave the theater you will have the entire soundtrack on a playlist ready to be played all day and all night for the next couple weeks. If you don’t like musicals then I would not recommend this film, but, for everyone else, I rate this movie 8/10 mostly everything was pretty much to be expected and there was nothing out of the ordinary about it. If you’re walking into the theater and already emotional, tears may be streaming down your face like the Niagara Falls. In the end, I can honestly say, that Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, and Zendaya all played a key part in creating “the greatest show.”

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