Freshmen Showcase Social Changes

Ricardo Chavez, Staff Writer

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On Thursday, April 12, 2018 Mrs. Sherry Kelleher, English Teacher along with her English 1 and English 1 honors, hosted an exhibit in the library going deeper into social issues seen in To Kill a Mockingbird looking at the overarching question of “How Far We Have Come and How Far We Need to Go on many social issues.” The social issues that were displayed on PowerPoints and posters showcased the struggles of racism in all cultures, and the struggle for women’s rights.

Mrs. Kelleher explained, “this event is based on to Kill a Mockingbird because there are many examples of social injustices, and from that students were able to make a connection to real-world problems.”

‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ is a book written by Harper Lee that Mater Dei freshmen read in their English class that in part is based on the racist climate of the 1930s in the Southern United States.

Emma Rosendale, freshman focused her project on women in America who have helped to make the country the way it is now. Rosendale said, “our group choose to make our project on women in America,”  she explains, “I chose to pick women who have inspired me through my lifetime because just the way they had the power to change things, it lets me know I can make change as well.”

“One thing that others need to know is that a lot of women that I researched fought hard for what they believe in, so as long as you believe in yourself and is passionate enough to put in your full effort anything is possible” said Rosendale. While many women have made a huge impact she looks up to most was, “Rosa Parks, because they way she fought is how hard I want to fight when I know something isn’t right”

Freshmen crowd around a presentation reviewing immigration practices in the past and currently.

The exhibit was well attended by administrators, counselors, students, and parents who were able to explore the exhibit on their own or with the assistance of a student guide. There was also a Kahoot game at the end where viewers could see how much they learned through the exhibit.

“The main purpose of the exhibit is for students here at Mater Dei to be able to see how much progress we have made as a country with social justice issues so far and to see how much we need to work to make the country better” said Mrs. Kelleher.

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