Crusaders Catch “The Last Knock”

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High School student, Miguel Moreno screens his new short film, The Last Knock, at the Kasselbaum Theater at Mater Dei Catholic High School. After a three-year-long movie production and filmmaking, the film was completed. Working alongside professional producers and known cinematographers, 18-year-old Miguel Moreno directed his own short film in Tijuana Mexico. This professional endeavor was lead from a passion that was initially discovered in 7th grade after finishing up his first short filmed. His love for movie production inspired him to work with Specola who specializes in filmmaking in the Tijuana region. Working alongside experienced producer and director, Ricardo Silva, they both collaborated and created the official script of the Last Knock. 

First screening….

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Miguel Moreno and Ricardo Silva created the film, The Last Knock. The Last Knock reveals the life of the last man on Earth without a proper conclusion or explanation throughout the film but rather is open to interpretation from the audience.

The director and producer, Miguel Moreno, wanted the audience to “see something from themselves, whether it’s a struggle, a question, or a memory”. Many of the audience was left in confusion as they were trying to decipher the meaning behind the work. Oscar Prado, a senior at Mater Dei states,” I do not understand the film in its entirety, but it makes me think about what it could be about. And that I appreciate.”

The three-year production of the Last Knock entailed selective and careful choosing of the crew. Ricardo Silva stated, “the production of the movie worked out because of the incredible team that we formed behind the scenes of the short film.” The crew continually congratulated and praised Miguel Moreno for his skills and natural talents in the field of filmmaking. Mark Banks, the main actor was astonished at “how Miguel knows exactly what he wants. It is truly astonishing for an 18-year-old to know what he wants.”

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