Bye Bye Brunner

Daniela Rodriguez and Adriana Escasan

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After 20 years at Mater Dei,  Mr.Brunner is retiring to spend more time with his family and work with his wife’s travel company.

Brunner began his journey at Mater Dei as an Economics teacher and basketball coach. He looks back on these years fondly, “I remember being in the classroom and the kids being very enthusiastic about learning. I really enjoyed teaching subjects that the students were actually interested in.”

Brunner continued to be involved in clubs (like the Bowling club) and sports (he coached basketball) and in 2009 he became Dean of Boys, the position he holds today.

In addition to Brunner, two other longtime Crusaders are retiring. With Mr. Milke and  Mrs. Kelleher moving on Mater Dei will be hiring new faculty and staff. Brunner sees that this will be a time for a younger staff with more energy who can help make Mater Dei change and adapt to the growing campus.

For so many Brunner has been an important part of what makes Mater Dei great. Security guard Bob Adams knows that many students see the serious side of the dean, but he will miss the silly side. He explains, “I have so much fun with him and I will miss him. I hate when people leave.”

Teachers alike have looked up to Brunner. Mr. Cruz, Social Science teacher admits, “he is one of my biggest role models on campus, as an administrator, and as a coach.”

It’s not just faculty that will miss Brunner, students also chime in to share their thoughts. Romulo Gomez, junior at Mater Dei, says he is sad to see Mr. Brunner go but is happy that he will be beginning a new part of his life.

Like Adams, Paola Garcia De Leon says, “I really like Mr. Brunner, he has a good sense of humor and I will miss that”

Though some Crusaders may be sad to hear of Brunner leaving,  Brunner encourages all to remember that this is not an end for him, he is simply turning the page to the next chapter.

“I am really gonna miss their (crusaders) energy and enthusiasm, it was a pleasure being associated with them and Mater Dei.” – Joseph Brunner


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