Iz becomes Athletic Director

Francesca Sammartano, Staff Writer

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Since Coach Kenny Caesar is no longer at Mater Dei the school has searched for the perfect candidate to fill his shoes as the 2018-2019 Athletic Director. Those shoes have now been filled by Coach Jared Izidoro.

Izidoro has a history in sports. He played football at St. Augustine and then continued to play at Whittier College. He has been an educator since 2010 and has been at Mater Dei as a coach since 2010. He joined the Crusader teaching team in 2014.

Andres Septien thinks it was a smart move for Izidoro to become Athletic Director because he “has experience and knows the sports.”

As an Athletic Director, there are new responsibilities that will be added to Izidoro’s plate like coordinating the overall athletic budget, team practices, games and more. However,  he is confident that he will handle them well.

He is going to continue teaching and coaching and is looking forward to working with all of the coaches and help build on the success we have had in recent years. When looking at his big goals he states, “I am going to push for more fundraising that will benefit the Athletics department as a whole.”

Izidoro claims to be ready and excited for the new change in scenery. The student-athletes themselves are also excited for Izidoro taking up the position. Junior Jameson Coolidge said, “I think Coach Iz will be a great addition for all of the athletics teams. I love him as a coach and I think his personal knowledge of the school will make his job easier.”

We have had many successes in our athletic programs in previous years but there is always room for improvement. Senior Emily Miranda said, “Coach Iz has won many championships with the football team so I think he will be able to bring a different perspective to the other coaches to look at and improve their teams as well.”

His many years of being around different sports teams in different capacities should be an asset to becoming the new Atheltic Director.

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