AP exams greet Crusaders

Sarah Fieck

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Students who have risen to the occasion and made the choice to take Advanced Placement (AP) classes have their AP Final Exams next month.

Advanced Placement Exams are taken every May, where they are tested on the culmination of their chosen AP courses. These exams determine if they pass or fail their class.

AP Exams at Mater Dei start today, starting with AP Chemistry at 8:00 am, as well as AP Spanish Lit/Culture. The final AP exam of the year is AP World History on Thursday, May 17th, at the same time.

AP students are taking time to prepare for the exams. AP World History student Samantha Peter states “I’m going to prepare [for the exams] by going over the packets completed in class and study off of the textbook website. I think it’s important to also get a good night’s sleep instead of cramming at 2 am. That can mess up your scores for sure.” Another AP World History student, Joseph Sandoval agrees, and says, “I’ll review everything we learned throughout the year, and look at the textbook.”

AP Computer Science student Carolina Arevalo says “I’m going to redo the practice exams that Mr. Velazquez gave us.” Arevalo also takes AP Spanish 4, and on that she says “I’m a native speaker, so I think I’ll wing it. But that won’t stop me from actually studying, I might study with the other AP students as well.”

Sophia Jordan, AP United States History student plans on studying for her exam that will be held on Friday, May 11th. She plans on “Using flashcards to review, Khan Academy, and the textbook provided by the school. I also feel prepared by my teacher, who gave us many practice questions and topics that we can use to study for the exam.

Some students are worried for their exams. Peter says her biggest worries for the exams are “The multiple-choice questions, because they can be kind of vague, and there can be more than one correct answer. However, you have to pick the best answer.”

She also adds “I’m worried about not being fully prepared for the test. I think any AP student would feel the same. I’m going to try my best though.”

We wish all the Crusaders good luck on their exams.

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